Standing before mountains of ground olive stones, day after day, sparked both Juan Cabello – a carpenter by profession– and Francisco Arjona’s imagination. After watching millions of these stones be cleaned, dried and prepared for distribution as biomass, they decided to try to use them for something else, and that spark of creativity was the seed that grew into what PANINOS is today.

Olive stones, in their vast majority, are burned for energy purposes: heat, electricity, biomass, etc., and Francisco has been actively involved in this sector for years through his work as a quantity surveyor in different areas of Spain.

PANINOS was founded in Andalusia, in the city of Benamejí located at the very southern tip of the province of Cordoba where the olive tree has all but become a monoculture. 

Juan and Francisco’s in-depth knowledge of the olive oil sector and technical expertise in construction, design and carpentry, combined with the sheer abundance of olive stones in Andalusia – by-product of the milling process used in oil production– inspired the pair to begin working on their project in 2013. However, it was their drive and dedication that enabled them to achieve the results presented below.

The particular properties of the olive stones make them ideal for creating this new material, one that is perfect for furniture building, construction, and decoration in general; moreover, this material is produced from a sustainable resource discarded during the olive oil production process. 

Over the past six years they have demonstrated their commitment to this project by working on it even during their off hours, driven by an idea that has now become one of the most prominent features of PANINOS products: 

“You don’t have to cut down the olive tree to have part of it in your home.”  

What is PANINOS today?

- Interior design and decoration professionals who visited the PANINOS stand at the Maison&Objet fair in Paris praised PANINOS veneers as being original, unique and versatile thanks to the wide range of uses for these products in the home, in business establishments and in different types of civil construction.

- Business owners from a variety of industries see it as a business opportunity.

- End customers are surprised to find out that the products have been made from olive stones; they love the wide range of colours, textures, and designs which are available.

- Distributors and retailers already want PANINOS products at their points of sale.